Finally getting this blog site up and running


I have used the site for a while but, only recently I've had the urge to update it and make the hosting better. Currently it's hosted as a tor onion service and the dat protocol. I will add more like ipfs/ipns, cjdns, and the clear net. The way this will work in the future is this blog will be accessible from, an ipfs entry,, 4fw7jzqbpqnyd6jd.onion, and maybe a few others.

The reason why I'm going overboard with the mirrors is to make sure this blog cannot be taken down because of the political correctness police not liking what I say. This site will be my first foray into a completely uncensorable web platform. Using the dat protocol means ever person who views the page becomes a mirror of it. It's also on in the clear at This is a centralized service so it losses the decentralized parts but it does host dat's. I will make things better in the future.

In short I've updated some things, changed others, and will change more in the future.